How to survive Christmas exams!

It’s (for real) the most wonder full time of the year! Christmas!

Christmas is my personal favourite holiday but sadly before I can start getting in the Christmas spirit I have to finish some exams… To be exactly: 11 exams! The most choking part is that I will have to go to school until the 23th of December.

If you’re having the same problem as me, here is “How to survive Christmas exams!”

Step 1: Buy yourself an advent calendar.

These days you can get an advent calendar for everything: chocolate, makeup, perfume,…    Every morning before an exam you can :treat yourself with whatever is in there. This will keep you going through the exams.

Step 2: Make plans.

I already made plans with my best friend to go Christmas shopping after the exams. Now I can look foreword to that day and I have a reason to get through the exams.                         But don’t make to much plans, you don’t want to have all the plans spinning in your head whilst you have to study for your math exam.

Step 3: Study in advance (it may be to late now).

This is such a helpful tips (for every kind of exams) ever! if you study in advance, you won’t have to stress as much and you won’t have to work to late the day before the exam. If you’re lucky, you maybe will be done with studying around 6pm. Then you can catch up with your favourite vlogmas, watch a Christmas movie,…                                                                 But first you have to be completely done with studying! School goes first.

Step 4: Make hot coco!

There’s nothing better than a hot chocolate whilst studying (there are better thing, but it’s not the worst!). Get creative and switch it up. Try one with marshmallows, one with orange, one with cinnamon,… (don’t forget to drink water though)

Step 5: Treat yo self!

Also very important is to take a break. You can’t study 6 hours in a row. Once in a while you have to take a little break. You can eat a little snack (preferably healthy), watch a video (I wouldn’t watch a movie because that takes too long), go for a walk/run, listen to some music, read a book,… So many things to do during a break, be creative and treat yourself!

Step 6: Get a good night rest.

Very, very, very important is: sleep. You can’t study or take an exam when you haven’t slept. Even if you haven’t finished studying for a test, pulling an all-nighter is NOT an option. You will regret it the day after.


I hope I helped you a little bit.

I wish you a merry Christmas and of course a good exam! You will survive 😉







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