World Scratch Map

Hello world

I love traveling so much!                                                                                                                                 It’s my favorite thing on earth.                                                                                                                     The wall above my bed had been empty for almost over a year                                                            so I decided to look for a world map that I could hang above my bed.
I did some research on cool/not so ordinary world maps.
After searching the whole world wide web I found a lot of websites                                             with pretty world scratch maps.                                                                                                                            By that time I couldn’t find it anywhere in the Belgian shops.
But when I went to Manchester and found it in Paperchase,                                                                      I didn’t have to think twice (not even once).
I took it home with me and I was very excited to hang it on my wall.
What I love about this map is that it makes you want travel
more and more veryday. It gets you excited to scratch off new places.

As you can see you just have to take a coin and scratch off the places you’ve visite,
easy right?





This is the perfect gift for people that love to travel.

As I said, I found it in an other country. But when I came home I saw (and I still see)
this map EVERYWHERE!
Lots Of Love Hannah


4 thoughts on “World Scratch Map

  1. snowtoseas says:

    I absolutely love this map. I once bought it for a friend as a birthday gift and not-so-secretly wish that I could have kept it for myself. When you visit a country, are you just scratching out the regions you visit or the whole country?


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